With the election finally history and the end of the financial year done and dusted, it’s time to turn our attention to far more important issues – such as what to get dad for Father’s Day!

Sure it might seem a bit early to think about Father’s Day, but this year you want to make it special.

If you’ve come to the realisation that socks, chocolate and aftershave do not put a spring in his step, then maybe it’s time to think about something that will pack a real punch – like the chance to drive, ride or race in a Supercar.

Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast is the home of the Supercars Official Driving Experience, the only Supercars experience actually endorsed by the management of Australia’s favourite motorsport category.

Owned and run by Bathurst winner Paul Morris, it offers a wide range of Supercar experiences, all of which involve time in the car with a professional race driver. Your dad can drive himself, ride with a Supercar race winner or race his mates.

Prepared by Morris’ team of Supercar engineers and mechanics, there are both Falcons and Commodores available for use on Norwell’s 2.1km race track when you book a gift voucher for your dad to have the experience of driving a Supercar.

The most basic package on offer is a three-lap ride around the circuit, but it’s a great way to see how a professional does it. Your dad will find it hard to know whether he should watch the hands or feet of his ‘chauffeur’ at work, or just sit back and experience the G-forces as the track disappears beneath him.

Beyond the hot lap package are the deals where your dad can get behind the wheel himself. Your choice – or his – of five, seven, 10 or 12 laps, all with full introductory race driver instruction before he hits the track, to ensure he feels as comfortable and confident behind the wheel as he can be.

You can also specify you want him to be provided with a lap times/telemetry/video package as a reminder of his big day.

You could make it even more memorable by having a word with the families of his closest mates. If they buy vouchers too, then there will be even more fun happening on the track at Norwell.

Of course, the only danger of a Father’s Day gift like this is that it will leave him wanting more! But that’s not a problem. If he does get the bug and decides he wants to get into motorsport, Paul Morris and the team at Norwell Motorplex can help him take the next step.

The facility offers a range of defensive driver training courses, from raw beginner through to the level of car control required for racing. It’s also an official CAMS licence training/testing centre.

Your Father’s Day gift could unleash a world of exciting possibilities for your dad!

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