Ever wondered about driving a Supercar? It’s easier than you think, providing you pick the right place to do it.

Many people would know that the Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast is home to the Supercars Official Driving Experience, the only Supercar experience officially sanctioned by the race category’s management team.

It’s here that you can buy the experience of being taken for hot laps in a Supercar by a qualified racing driver, or learn to drive one yourself, through a range of packaged experiences. But there is even more on offer.

The complex is owned and operated by Bathurst-winning racer, Paul Morris. His facility was officially granted the ability to administer CAMS national circuit racing licences back in 2011. Morris and his team have been training, testing and licensing would-be circuit racers ever since, and you could be one of them.

Any licenced driver who is serious about competing in motorsport needs expert tuition from the right instructors and the right facility. Norwell Motorplex has a two-kilometre racing circuit on site and a fleet of Supercars on hand, as well as teachers who are all proven race drivers and professional instructors.

The CAMS licence structure has five levels ranging from Level 1 (come and try) and Level Two for generic club sport, through to international. National and international licences are specific to the category of motorsport you want to compete in, such as rallying, circuit racing and offroad.

The first two licence levels don’t require specified formal driver training although it is always wise to learn more about car control, but obviously competing in some form of championship competition does.

Norwell Motorplex offers a range of driver training courses that will take you from basic car control through to a level where you can get your CAMS national circuit racing licence, including a special CAMS Motorsport Course that involves a 12-lap program in one of the facility’s Supercars.

Once you’ve completed enough training, you will undergo a CAMS Observed Licence Test (OLT) at Norwell. If you have done your driver training there, you have the advantage of knowing the track.

During your test, you will be observed under modified racing conditions. It gives you the opportunity to show you have a basic understanding and knowledge of manoeuvring a car at high speed, while making sure you and others, including officials and spectators, are kept safe.

Ability is one criterion for successfully passing the test; style and attitude are also assessed. You will also need to attend a CAMS lecture on racing procedures and flag signals. Other requirements are a medical examination, and membership of a CAMS-affiliated motorsport club. Check the full requirements at the CAMS website ( and then book for your race driver training and licence test with Norwell Motorplex.

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