There’s a cynical question in the racing game that goes like this. How do you make a small fortune in motorsport? The answer: start with a big one.

Certainly, there is no doubt that trying to become a racing driver can quickly send you broke! You need money and talent to go down that road and, arguably, more of the first than the second – but it is possible.

Determination and focus is a big part of the equation too, so if you think you have what it takes, you probably want to know where to start.

Depending on your age and what you want to achieve, you can never go wrong with some time in go-karts. Name anyone in the current crop of Supercar drivers, and there is a fair chance they had several solid years in karts before moving up the ladder into other categories.

Remembering that it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock’n’roll, it makes sense to join a good car club too – one that is focussed on motorsport – so you have the chance to learn and practice your car control skills at a low-cost level during club motorsport days.

If the talent is there and the passion is undimmed, it’s probably time to think about some serious car control tuition, such as the courses on offer at the Norwell Motorplex.

If you’re a motorsport fan, you would know that The Performance Driving Centre on the Gold Coast is home to the only Supercar experience officially sanctioned by the race category’s management team.

Known as the Supercars Official Driving Experience, it offers the chance to be taken for hot laps in a Supercar by a qualified racing driver, or learn to drive one yourself.

And that could be one of the next steps on your career path – before investing huge amounts of money in driver training, why not buy one of the packaged experiences at Norwell to see how you perform?

Again, once you have that experience under your belt and are sure you have the talent and the focus to go on, the next step is getting your CAMS racing licence. There are five levels in the licensing structure with the first two not requiring formal driver training – they were created for club motorsport and chances are you already have one, if you have been competing at that level.

However, once you start looking at competing at a state or national level, you need formal training. National and international licences are specific to the category of motorsport you want to compete in, such as rallying, off-road or circuit racing and given you have chosen circuit racing, Norwell can offer you all the training you need to get you out onto Australian race tracks.

Bathurst-winning racer, Paul Morris, owns the Motorplex and his facility was CAMS-certified to administer national circuit racing licences back in 2011. He and his team of race drivers/professional instructors have been training, testing and licensing would-be circuit racers ever since.

Check the full requirements at the CAMS website (www.cams.com.au) and then book for your race driver training and licence test with Norwell Motorplex.

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