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The Ride of your Life is
Just an Engine Start Away!

The Supercars Official Driving Experience on the Gold Coast puts you behind the wheel in a car prepared by actual Supercars engineers & mechanics! Drive yourself, Ride with one of our Supercars race winners or race your mates.

CALL (07) 5546 1366


Before and after shots of the new wrap on one of the Supercar Driving Experience cars. Great job guys. Looks mint 👌🏼 who wants a drive? #supercardrivingexperience #norwellmotorplex #supercars #hotlaps #bottleo #wrap #speed #drive ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Dwayne HarmerIs there a link for pricing?1 week ago

Ben SchibeciJuyale. Now I want to have a go 👌2   ·  1 week ago

Jack DuncanJaime Oliver I think we might have to go back.3   ·  1 week ago

Lindsay EamesGeorgia Eames your choice I`d gather? :)2   ·  1 week ago

John PriceA little over an hour from byron. Oobi Loulou maybe i can make up for missing out last year5 days ago

Tim GregoryLooked pretty stealthy beforehand3   ·  1 week ago

Peter PoultonNicely done guy's!1   ·  1 week ago

Charles Spud CorbyYes please1 week ago

Jason McClureLooks.the.goods, just needs the side skirts aye1 week ago

Matt PickenThe black car is not the same car as other 2 photos1   ·  1 week ago

Christine AbbottLooks great, can't wait to see it....5 days ago

Nick WilsonMatt u cant polish a terd3 days ago

Scott MurphyLooks like two completely different cars5 days ago

Wes MorrisonI would like Frosty for my next drive1   ·  1 week ago

Brad MillerFor you Paul Byers2   ·  1 week ago

Louis SzollosiHarry Rea1   ·  1 week ago

Dan MunroeTiarne Windust it's time1 week ago

James RossMartin Saporoshetz5 days ago

Jye MelvertonLillian Gross4 days ago

Rockin Roadstersanyone else love this post as much as me1 week ago

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Berns Riddiford see babe ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Mel MelProbably better to go on the site top of the page love.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Rockin RoadstersNice info I really love1   ·  7 days ago

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Thanks guys my bro Chris Rudkin had a top time on the track today! Best Xmas present idea and... We will be back.

Happy New Year! No better way to start the year with some positive feedback. Thanks Karen. We love the video
... See MoreSee Less

Thanks guys my bro Chris Rudkin had a top time on the track today! Best Xmas present idea and... We ...

3 weeks ago

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Peter PoultonI had a great time there on the 30th of December, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves SUPERCAR'S , and loves driving. Thanks again guy's for the experience.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Peter PoultonRobbie Pearson1   ·  3 weeks ago

Kyle BentonKevin Terry1   ·  3 weeks ago

Rockin RoadstersI think posts about are great6 days ago

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